Brave New World

Konzept, Dramaturgie, Arrangements, Bildregie, Sounddesign : Mona Glass  –  Schnitt, Animation: Adrian Nehm  –  Mapping: Robin Benad

This audiovisual installation takes you on a future journey up and down the valleys of utopian and dystopian states of our world, depicting the relation between humans and nature and showing how close Utopia and Dystopia seem sometimes and that often it is only a matter of perspective to decide on which side we stand.

The Project was developed for a Future- Politics- Conference, hosted by the NGO “Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung” and was installed in the dome of the former crematory, now known as the cultural space “Silent Green” in Berlin, Wedding. 

Realising how simple it was drafting dystopian states of our world, compared to the difficulty of inventing utopian visions, without being cheesy, naive or unrealistic, was the main challenge initiating and motivating  the idea of  creating “Endlich”- Festival of Utopias.

a look into the dome

Foto- Credits: 1, 5, 7 & 11  Sabine von … ; 2-4, 6, 8-10, 12-14: Vincent Schaack

Bisherige Ausstellungen: Silent Green, Berlin 2018. Reveberation Festival, Dresden 2019. PlaPla – Plastik und Plankton, Umweltbildungs- Installtion, We4Future- Camp, Berlin 2019.