Brave New World

„Brave new World“ is a 360° audiovisual dome- installation, created for a future- politics- conference, hosted by the NGO „Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung“ at Silent Green, Berlin.

This audiovisual installation takes you on a future journey up and down the valleys of utopian and dystopian states of our world, depicting the relation between humans and nature and showing how close utopia and dystopia seem sometimes and that often it is only a matter of perspective to decide on which side we stand.

Freiheit, ein Tanz im Dunkeln

„Freiheit, ein Tanz im Dunkeln“ (engl.: Freedom, a dance in the dark) is an experimental movie, searching for freedom in our global society and questioning the responsibility of the individual.  The palimsest-alike arranged constellation of pictures, sound and text create multileveled layers of interpretation, aiming to discover connections and to evoke questions through the re-conextualisation of found-footage material. 

The movie was conceived as an audiovisual installation, combined with a conceptual room-installation.

2040 or What The F*** Do We Do Now?

This audiovisual experiment is about a future- scenario in which most of the jobs are no longer done by human beings, but instead by machines and robots. The majority of people no longer needs to fulfill a working purpose and is no longer depending on financial income. The two main questions asked here are: What do we do when we don’t have to do anything (to earn a living)? And with what will we identify ourselves, after leaving the society we grew up in, in which the focus was so much on succeeding at ones profession?


Wasserwaerts is an experimental short movie about the value of water and how we treat it. It was created within the frame of an environmentally educative exhibition called „Pla Pla – Plastik und Plankton“.

The soundtrack was a co-created with the musician Francesco De Rosa.