Freiheit, ein Tanz im Dunkeln

Concept, dramaturgy, arrangements of text, pictures and sound: Mona Glass  –  Editing: Adrian Nehm, Mona Glass  –  Footage: found in the deepest depth of the WorldWideWeb

„Freiheit, ein Tanz im Dunkeln“ (engl.: Freedom, a dance in the dark) is an experimental movie, searching for freedom in our global society and questioning the responsibility of the individual.  The palimsest-alike arranged constellation of pictures, sound and text create multileveled layers of interpretation, aiming to discover connections and to evoke questions through the re-conextualisation of found-footage material. 

The movie was conceived as an audiovisual installation, combined with a conceptual room-installation.

Exhibited at: Master- Exhibition / IFA, Berlin 2018 – Reveberation Festival, Dresden 2019, Short-Film- Collection at „Zum Schwalbenschwanz“, Berlin 2019.