Concept, Dramaturgy, Arrangements of Pictures, Editting: Mona Glass . Soundtrack: Mona Glass and Francesco De Rosa

Wasserwaerts is an experimental short movie about the value of water and how we handle it. It was developed within the frame of the environmentally educative¬† exhibition „Pla Pla! Plastik und Plankton“.

The soundtrack was co-created with the musician Francesco De Rosa.

Exhibited at: „FestiWal“ at Ottospielplatz in Berlin, Moabit, Sept. 2020.

The former version was shown as a mapping at: Environmental exhibition „Pla Pla! Plastik und Plankton“ developed by Anoosh Werner. Located on the We4Future- Camp area right in front of the berlin house of representatives (Bundestag), Sept. 2019.

Event promotion picture for the mapping on the whale- shaped exhibition

Mapping on the whale shaped exhibition.

Movie still.

Movie still.

Movie still.