Some people have a „Newton Pendulum“ standing on their desk – the constant clicking sound that comes up once it’s put to action may have a relaxing effect on them. Others are getting nervous by it or have an instant feeling of pressure arising.. Fact is that as soon as you make only one of the balls move, you start a seemly endless chain reaction. One may not want to notice what is explicit in this installation: Every cause has an effect. This room installation was created in combination with the experimental movie „Freiheit, ein Tanz im Dunkeln“. In a subversive, playful way, the oversized pendulum and the embedding room installation shall confront the individual with his or hers impact on reality.

a question of consistency

The seductive smell of cotton candy, the appealing softness of texture, the innocence of colour, delightfulness – this is how paradise must feel. The three-days-lasting installation made of cotton candy makes the dreamy bubble of false promises pop. All the shine of beauty and hope fades into its grotesque leftovers and shows its true face as soon as it touches the conditions of reality and time. 

my stepmother